hi all the flintANDsteel servers are back from hibernation and the host was on vacation  im going away for the weekend in upstate New York to my mom’s sister’s house for my grandma’s bday she will turn 76 (oh god thats alot of years) and happy bday to her! 

oasis of the seas in MCPE

hi all today i bring u an update for MCPE just to tell u that there will be onling multiplayer and water lava and milk buckets. Also i will put a video on this blog for my newest YouTube video called minecraft oasis of the seas heres the link http://youtu.be/jo7CeBql7L4 😀 thats it for this update.


Hi guyz my server is great! We have alot of stuff going on and the main world is in construction .So I will be posting more blogs about my server its a interconnected server along with many other servers the interconnected servers that are with flintANDsteel servers:

darksteel 24/7 {flintsteel server}

catserver 24/7 {flintsteel server}

darkblue 24/7 {flintsteel server} this one is mine 😀

NoRulesServer 24/7 {flintsteel server}

GameCorner 24/7 {flintsteel server}

and thats it for now there will be more flintsteel servers on the way like

darkgold 24/7 {flintsteel server}

and darkdimond 24/7 {flintsteel server}

and a possible server darkred 24/7 {flintsteel server} maybe my brother could own it we don’t know yet.


Hi guys today I went rock climbing! Also guys join this Minecraft server website its called flintsteel.webs.com thats all for today. Btw happy easter 😀

minecraft servers and 1.5 ips

Hi all today I found out that my server (hosted by Eddynetweb) is up and running. Here are some ips and the Mc classic server names,1.5 server ips



Mc classic servers

darkblue 24/7 flintandsteel (my server :-D)

trevs awesome craft

darksteel flintandsteel’s main server for interconnected servers

more classic servers


thats all for now :P.

minecraft again

Hey all we (trev’s awesome craft staff just me and a friend) are going to build a big ball just like the one in Times scuare in NYC its going to be on this map of this awesome classic server 

Trev’s awesome craft

world Eddyville creator Eddynetweb also the founder of darksteel a classic minecraft server and website.

harlem shake DUBSTEP REMIX!

Hi all as you probably know I do Minecraft, but this blog is different.  It’s about the Harlem Shake. A YouTube video gone viral! its remix (there’s a bunch of them but here’s the BEST one). It’s a dubstep remix. It’s amazing!  The song is by Baauer. Also, I got a lose tooth that REALLY hurts! That’s all for now. Here’s the YouTube URL. Hope y’all like it. 🙂 Btw I’m not a Texan XD.

A bunch of minecraft things

hi guys iv been on some servers real and classic and here they are

trevs awesome craft


ip the real minecraft server ( just incase u where wondering)

and (needs ops) darksteel 24/7

these are real minecraft servers and i will be getting my own they will be

darkgold 24/7 support

and blueandrasp’s awesome craft 24/7 support

thats all for now 

changing my skin in minecraft

if u dont like steve (the oringinal person of minecraft) then ill teach u how to make ur own skin

all u need is an ipad,iphone,or itouch. then u will also need a pc or mac then goto the app store on ur apple product and serch skin creator, then tap the skin u want (or make one) then smpily touch the menu button (on the top right corner of the screen) press upload to mac or pc version then u have to create or login to ur minecracraft account thats all if u want more help then contact me from my gmail account it is bluecoleruth@gmail.com